Feb 14

The other night the “Check Engine” light came on in our 2002 Saturn SC2. I found out from looking online that AutoZone will read the computer codes from your car for free which I think is awesome. The Saturn stealership wanted $90 to check it. I took the car by AutoZone and found out it was either the ECTS (Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor) or the thermostat. I went ahead and got both since they were cheap and headed home to start the repairs. I had no idea where the ECTS was located and wanted to replace it first to see. I found it at the right of the engine looking from the front of the car.

Saturn SC2 ECTS

The ECTS is fairly simple to replace, just take the old one out, put some plumbers tape on the threads of the new ECTS, put it in and you’re done. In my case I had a remove the battery connection and let it sit about 10min and once I reconnected the battery the check engine light was reset.

Here’s a video I found on YouTube that documents the entire process! :)

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